Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Sell, market and provide customer service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our solutions helps you:

Improve sales and planning

Automate your lead system

Manage opportunities effectively

Streamline account management

Boost sales productivity

Enhance pipeline management

Simplify workflow processes

Leverage Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Customer Service Data Sheet
(PDF, 620 KB)

Economist Service Productivity Report (PDF, 620 KB)

Maximizing Customer Retention - A Blueprint for Successful Contact Centers (PDF, 250 KB)

Marketing Automation Data Sheet
(PDF, 662 KB)

White Paper - Real-World Marketing
(PDF, 176 KB)

Sales Force Automation Data Sheet
(PDF, 558 KB)

White Paper - Improving Sales Productivity (PDF, 125 KB)

White Paper - Sales and Marketing - The New Power Couple
(PDF, 1.18 MB)